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Teacher helps blind child see!

By April 17, 2020May 25th, 2021No Comments

What if you had never seen color before?  Never seen green trees or grass, never seen a blue sky, a red bird or yellow flowers?  What if your world was simply browns, whites and greys?  Your view of the world would be very limited.  Your mind couldn’t imagine the incredible range of colors that exist.

But what if the vision that you lacked wasn’t color, but instead hope and possibilities.  What if your view of your potential, your gifts, your worth was blinded by your circumstances, your surroundings, your experiences?

So many children come into our schools today color-blind to the world around them.  Not understanding, not knowing all that they can become.

As teachers, as educators, as eye-openers, we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to give our children the ability to see.  To see what they can become, what they can accomplish, what they can hope for simply by encouraging them and challenging them to push themselves, with us in their corner.

Our mission at PIU Online, is to put passionate people that want to be eye-openers in the lives of children in classrooms across our nation.  We want to prepare those that are on-mission, purpose-driven to make an impact.  Being a world-changer isn’t easy, but for those up to the challenge, we will lock arms with you to make a difference and give our kids hope that they can become more than their circumstances, more than their backgrounds.  Together, we can do great things.  Will you join us?  Apply here.

Watch what can happen when you open the eyes and the mind of a child to all their possibilities: