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Why we do what we do

You have a tremendous opportunity to impact lives and shape communities. As a Christian University we believe that empowering passionate people with biblical-based skills and principles will bring out the best in you.


We emphasize not only personal character development but also a commitment to issues surrounding justice, righteousness, mercy, and grace in culture and society.


Because the Bible is the final authority in all realms of life, PIU works to help students develop knowledge and understanding of scripture.


As the world grows smaller and as a globalized culture emerges, it is not enough for students to simply be aware of or appreciate other cultures. They need to become culturally fluid so that they can relate to, learn from, and serve in several cultures.


We take seriously the challenge of helping students become critical thinkers who have a general understanding of the world, can process information, and solve problems.


All PIU students are required to take a core of classes designed to give the student a solid foundation of learning, which stands firm through a lifetime of intellectual growth.
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Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Pacific Islands University exists to provide accessible, excellent, transformational Christian higher education and ministry training to Micronesia, the Pacific Islands, and to the ends of the earth. As such, our mission is to prepare men and women with a biblical worldview for leadership and service in life, work, and ministry in the global community and the church.

Transformational Christian Higher Education

Our  History

PIU was founded in 1976 as the Micronesian Institute of Biblical Studies (MIBS) on one of the islands in the middle of Micronesia by Liebenzell Mission and the evangelical churches it planted there to prepare Micronesian citizens for leadership in the church. It soon became apparent that this goal was too narrow and accessibility to its programs by the average Micronesian too difficult. While Micronesians valued the biblical training MIBS provided, they also wanted to know how to apply biblical knowledge for living successfully and for leading and influencing all areas of their society towards permanent solutions, and not just in the church.

Therefore, in 1991, led by its first president Dr. Roland Rauchholz, the school added a new campus on the island of Guam, a more western and accessible location, and MIBS became Pacific Islands Bible College (PIBC). The campus formerly called MIBS on the island of Tol became a branch campus. PIBC began offering certificate and diploma programs in Biblical Studies and thereafter the Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Under the leadership of PIBC’s second president Dr. William Wood (1995-2002) the Guam campus moved from rented facilities onto its present campus in Mangilao, which was purchased in 1997, and began operations there in the spring of 1999. Dr. David Owen assumed leadership of the school in January of 2003.

In 2004 PIBC received accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), which is recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

In February 2009, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the school to Pacific Islands University (PIU) to better reflect the growing emphasis on Christian liberal arts education and to acknowledge the graduate level seminary program which was launched in the fall of 2008. Since then there has been the addition of the AA & BA programs in Liberal Studies and minors for both the BA Liberal Studies and BA Biblical studies that include Bible Translation, Christian Ministry and Education.

For 40 years PIU has been the leader in providing biblical education to the people of Micronesia and now to an expanding circle of people in the Western Pacific. Today, in response to the changing needs of the island communities in which it serves, PIU is expanding its course offerings, its degree offerings, and its vision to be a leader throughout Guam, Micronesia and the Pacific Region in providing accessible, transformational, and quality higher education.

PIU students come from many different countries and many different religious denominations. Though most of its students are from the Pacific islands, it also welcomes students from other countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. PIU is a place where a student can experience the multi-cultural variety of the global community in a small school environment. At PIU, students, faculty and staff can develop deep relationships in a community.

This provided US financial aid opportunities for Micronesian students and set established quality benchmarks for its degree programs. PIBC opened Teaching Facilities on three other islands in Micronesia: Chuuk, Palau, and Yap. Some minors, including Teaching English as a Second Language and Elementary Education were added to the Biblical Studies program. Affordability, accessibility, and relevancy now became important watchwords governing the vision of PIBC.


Mihamm Kim-Rauchholz



Vice President for Administration & Finance

Rhonda Haynes

Vice President for Academics

Alex Tavarez

Vice President for Student Development

Iotaka Choram

Biblical Studies Chair

Paul Drake

Liberal Studies Chair

Joanna Green

Distance Education Director, Interim

Joshua Combs

Enrollment Mgt. Director & Registrar

Delight Suda

Financial Aid Officer & Admissions Coordinator

Paul Drake

Library Director

Stella Yafneg

Library Information Specialist

Celia Atoigue

Operations Director & Bookkeeper

Ruallen Ngiralmau

Maintenance Services Supervisor


Information Technology Specialist

Celia Atoigue

Finance Director


Accounting Specialist

Lavern Killian-Roby

Administrative Assistant

Joshua Combs

Human Resources Director


Institutional Advancement Director


Alumni Relations Coordinator Director


Institutional Assessment Director

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman: David Mayer
  • Vice Chairman: Tom Van Engen
  • Secretary: Steve Stinnette
  • Treasurer: Pacita Tomada
  • Trustee: Gidion Moofal
  • Trustee: Komber Kumo
  • Trustee: Marcellus Ngiraingas
  • Trustee: Byung Kim
  • Trustee: Dr. Christopher Matthews