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If your goal is to earn your degree, you can most likely our program with grants, scholarships and/or federal student loans.  Read below to learn more about several options that make this possible.  Submit your FAFSA using Federal School Code 034383.

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Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

For students with exceptional financial need.


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Veteran’s Educational Benefits

  • PIU provides VA education benefits to qualified veterans and their dependents.  To apply, call toll free at 1-888-GIBILL1 or apply online.
  • To get an estimate of your projected VA benefit amount, you click here: PIU Supports Veterans
  • You will need to submit to us your Statement of Benefits.  Request it online here.
  • These benefits are administered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),

Scholarship Opportunities

Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any full-time student who in the previous semester took at least 12 credit hours on degree level (course numbers 100 or higher) with a term GPA of 3.5 or above and takes more than 12 credit hours in the succeeding semester. Students will receive a scholarship for the tuition costs of up to 3 credit hours beyond 12 credit hours.

Bible Knowledge Enrichment Scholarship

This scholarship is available (upon approval of a letter of application) to all non-program students who are ineligible or unable to participate in Title IV or in other public or state scholarship, grant or award programs. This scholarship pays 50% of the tuition for all PIU Bible, Theology or Ministry classes taken and can be applied up to a maximum of 12 credits.

Bible Translation Training Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students who desire to learn about the field of Bible translation and its role in strengthening the church. This scholarship is funded by the Isles of the Sea which works in Bible translation in the Pacific. Scholarship funds will be awarded to students who have enrolled in the Bible translation courses, especially those who have declared a Bible translation minor.

Community Action Scholarship

Students may earn Community Action Scholarship funds by providing short-term services to local churches, community organizations, or residents in need (especially the elderly and the disabled). These services go above and beyond activities that support the requirement for Community Service and Ministry. The funds will be disbursed at the discretion of the Financial Aid Director and the VP for Advancement.

Pastor’s Scholarship

This scholarship is available for one first-time student from each local church each semester, who is ineligible or unable to participate in Title IV or in other public or state scholarships, grants or award programs. To apply for this scholarship, a student must submit a letter from the pastor of his or her local church recommending the student for the scholarship. This scholarship pays for the full tuition and fees excluding textbook charges for the first class taken at PIU.

PIU President’s Grant*

The purpose of this grant (award amount up to $500 per semester) is to make Christian higher education available for students who are unable financially to attend PIU after all other grants are applied at the end of the semester. All program students are eligible to be considered for this grant upon receipt of a written application. Applications will be considered and be awarded at the discretion of the President. The grant will be applied to the student account for tuition, room and other fees excluding course textbooks and penalty fees. This grant reflects the contributions to PIU made by Liebenzell Mission and volunteers to the operating and capital budget, as well as the provision of missionary faculty and staff.

Other Institutional Scholarships*

Other Institutional Scholarships are privately funded by monies given to PIU to provide scholarships. The funds may come from external sources, such as a branch of Liebenzell Mission, other organizations, or private individuals. The purpose of these scholarships vary, depending on the donor’s intent for funds. See the Financial Aid office for applications procedures and availability.

*In order to be eligible to apply for this grant, the student must have a current FAFSA on record and must fill out a  GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FORM. Returning students must complete a valid FAFSA before the end of the previous semester and make application before the close of registration. New students must submit their written application and valid FAFSA latest 30 days after the close of registration. However, these funds are very limited and date of application will be a major factor in determining how funds are distributed.Other External Scholarship Opportunities

US Coast Guard College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (Scholarship Program)
The U.S. Coast Guard has a scholarship program focused on improving the diversity of Coast Guard officers. Pacific Islands University is an accepted institution for this program according to the website. US Citizenship is required for Coast Guard officers.

Annual CGTrader Scholarship
CGTrader challenges students to dig into the field of technology writing an essay on how innovative technologies are transforming our lives.

Indwelling Ministries Scholarship  The Indwelling Ministries Scholarship is offered to current-year graduating high school students and college freshmen who are active members of Guam, USA, churches registered with the Guam Ministerial Association as of March 1st of the current calendar year.