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Lesson Points

  • Two objectives for this lesson:
    • Know the structure of our English Bible
    • Appreciate the Bible’s master narrative
  • Structure of Scripture
    • Old Testament: 5-12-5-5-12
    • New Testament: 4-1-21-1
    • 5 books of the Pentateuch
    • 12 books of History
    • 5 books of Poetry
    • 5 Major Prophets
    • 12 Minor Prophets
    • 4 Gospels
    • 1 book of History (Acts)
    • 21 Letters
    • 1 book of Prophecy (Revelation)
  • Orthodoxy: What you believe
  • Orthopraxy: How you live (How you live out what you believe)

Worship Moment

This course will give you a high-level overview of the biblical story and the major themes that run throughout that story. Pray that God would open your eyes to the truth of Scripture as you embark on this journey.

Discussion Questions

Below are discussion questions to answer individually or with a small group.

  1. Who first introduced you to the Bible? What did that person teach you about the biblical story?
  2. Why do you think it is important to know the biblical story?
  3. Why does Dr. Yarbrough emphasize the structure of the Old and New Testaments (5-12-5-5-12; 4-1-21-1)?
  4. What problems can result from a disconnect between orthodoxy and orthopraxy (see definitions in notes above)?

Further Study

  • Living God’s Word by Dr. J. Scott Duvall and DTS alum Dr. J. Daniel Hays9–20 (recommended)
  • From Moses to Malachi by DTS professor Dr. Kenneth G. Hanna, 1–6 (optional)