Student Life VP Welcome

Welcome to PIU!

Robert Watt
Vice President of Student Life
Pacific Islands University Chapel

I am Rob Watt and serve here on the Guam campus as the V. P. of Student Life. My involvement with our school began back in 2003 and I am delighted to tell you about Pacific Islands University from the prospective of its Student Life.

A big part of our mission here at PIU is to build and maintain an environment where students and staff alike can be impacted by God’s grace and truth.

Diversity here is seen as a huge strength as we have students from most of the Micronesian Island groups, from Asia, from Stateside US, and of course, our students from Guam.

We recognize that for the majority of our students this block of years in their lives is significant and strategic. Our strategy here at PIU is to foster a campus spirit where relationships impact us for God’s purposes. Part of our mission is to provide a safe place where intentional personal development is the norm…Student life.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rob Watt
Vice President of Student Life

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