Student Life Welcome

Welcome to Student Life!

Our Student Life team is made up of many people and jobs/responsibilities. 

I am Sarah Brubaker, I have been at PIU going on 5 years now. I am the Director of Student Life and it is my job to make sure that the students are and feel safe and invested in here at PIU. I am also the voice of the students to the administration and the voice of the administration to the students. I report directly to the Provost.

Daisy Murdock is the Dean of Women. She has been at PIU going on 7 years and she is responsible for the girls side of campus. She supervises the female RAs and the day-to-day tasks of the girls. She teaches Bible Study each week and meets with the girl RAs for accountability, communication and direction. She reports directly to the Director of Student Life.

Our Student Life Team is also made up of male and female RAs, or Resident Assistants. They are responsible for the in-house workings of the dormatory and commuter students. They teach small groups and are available to their students as a means of emotional, academic, physical and spiritual support. They report directly to the Deans of Men and Women.

Now that all that introductory stuff is out of the way – we as the Student Life Team want to say that the most important thing to us here at PIU is community. We believe community is how God grows and transforms people to be more like His Son and we are so excited to be on the front line of community for our students here. Everything we do, every decision we make is based on the best for the community at PIU as a whole. For many people (including ourselves) PIU becomes a family – we in Student Life are responsible for fostering and maintaining this through each year.

Our doors are always open so stop by and get to know us and let us be part of your family!

The Student Life Team :)


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