Behavior Agreement

Pacific Islands University Standards of Behavior Agreement Form

Each student must sign this statement agreeing to live by the standards.


Personal spiritual growth is a basic purpose of PIU. The faith, attitudes and behavior of all members of the PIU family need to grow more like Christ inside and outside the classroom. This means that each individual at PIU must agree to accept the word of God as authority and humbly submit in heart, mind and life to our Master, Jesus Christ.

In addition, it is important to learn to live in a community. God calls staff and students from different cultural and church backgrounds. This complicates daily life on PIU campus, for Christians are not in agreement about some aspects of Christian life. The Board of PIU has carefully considered cultural and ecclesiastical concerns and agreed upon some standards of behavior for PIU students. For the sake of maintaining a healthy campus community, PIU specifically prohibits the possession and use of tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol, and betel nut on school property or at school sponsored activities. Furthermore, PIU expects students to live lives that are consistent with biblical principles. We
understand drunkenness, sexual immorality, gossip, slander, profanity, ethnic or cultural discrimination, dishonesty, stealing, plagiarism, etc. to be inconsistent with biblical living. We expect all PIU students to be active participants in the life of a local church and to strive for academic excellence. PIU will attempt to deal with these issues firmly and redemptively. These and other important standards are described further in the Student Handbook and must be followed by each student.

When necessary, there is a policy for rebuke and discipline, also described in the Student Handbook. Any discipline will be based on scriptural principles with the purpose of correcting the quality of our relationships with Christ and with one another. The key to all of this is Christian love, which compels us to submit to God and to one another.

I agree to submit to PIU rules, standards and authorities as long as I am enrolled in the school.

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