Seminary Course Offerings

NOTE: Please stay tuned as slight changes to the schedule may be made before classes begin.

Fall 2014 Courses

THEO 501 – Theological Research Methods
PIES Faculty
Monday: 6:30-9:00 p.m.

A course designed to enable the student to conduct meaningful theological research and to report the findings in a clear written format. Exegetical, survey, historical, and descriptive methods will be examined. The form and structure of critiques, research papers, book reviews, journal articles, research proposals, and theses will be studied. Course assignments allow the student to apply the principles and methods learned, receiving constructive evaluation throughout the process.

THEO 601 – Theology 1 God and the Bible
Dr. M. James Sawyer
Hybrid (Classroom sessions Tues, Thur. & Fri. first two weeks of the semester with all other work being done on-line.)

A study of the nature and necessity of theology; the doctrine of biblical inspiration and its problems; a study of the existence, nature and attributes of God, including the decrees of God and His relationship to the world; a study of the nature of humanity and the origins and nature of sin; an overview of the doctrine of angels.

CFOR 501 – Spiritual Foundation for Ministry
Dr. Bradley Boydston

The exploration of the dynamics of spiritual life with special attention given to spiritual disciplines and the nurture of the inner life as it affects those in professional ministry.

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