Ministry & Employment Opportunites

PIU exists to provide accessible, excellent, transformational Christian higher education and ministry training to the people of Micronesia, the Pacific Islands, and to the ends of the earth. As such, our mission is to prepare men and women with a biblical worldview for leadership and service in life, work, and ministry in the global community and the church.

Ministry & Employment Opportunities

  • Library Director
  • Bookkeeper/Accounting Specialist

PIU is working hard to move toward salaried positions but is not currently in a position to “hire” most of our faculty and staff. A majority of those who work at PIU are in full time Christian service and have raised their own support as missionaries or have volunteered their time in order to serve here. This is because our college’s vision from the start has been centered around offering a quality, transformational, accessible college education with a biblical world view to people in the Pacific region who might not otherwise be able to afford one.

Interested in applying?
PIU Employment Application
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