Pacific Islands Bible College
Undergraduate Academic Programs

All four programs offered by PIBC are designed to fulfill the goals and objectives of PIU as described on pages 2-4 in the PIU catalog. The individual programs differ in the number of credits required for completion. The CBS, DipBS, and AA degree programs require two English classes and the BA degree requires three English classes. Both the AA and BA degrees have additional general education requirements. General Education courses may be completed at PIBC or transferred to PIBC from any accredited institution, including the University of Guam, Guam Community College, College of Micronesia, and Palau Community College. Students who have earned an AA or AS degree from a community college have usually fulfilled all of the general education requirements for the BA in biblical studies.

Students will be assisted in selecting the program that best meets their needs. Transfer from one program to another is possible at any time. A student shall complete a minimum of 60 credits toward their BA degree or Diploma or 36 credits toward their AA or Certificate in Biblical Studies through classes offered by PIU.

Pacific Islands Christian College
Undergraduate Academic Programs

Pacific Islands Christian College is the newest school within PIU. It is the home for our AA and BA in liberal studies program as well as the home base for our Certificate in Dive Instruction, Certificate in Basic English and the Community English classes.

Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary
Graduate Academic Program

The goal of the PIES graduate-level seminary is to produce biblically-formed servant leaders equipped to serve the churches and communities of the Pacific. This advanced level of training builds on the student’s undergraduate education to sharpen their understanding of God and His Word, the cultural context in which we serve, and the student’s ability to effectively communicate the good news of Christ Jesus.

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